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Choose us for brake replacement or repair services in Hamburg, NY

If your brakes are in bad shape, you're putting yourself and every other driver on the road at risk every time you get behind the wheel. Don't take chances with your safety-bring your car to North Boston Garage Inc. in Hamburg, NY for brake repair services. We'll figure out what's wrong with your brakes and fix them as quickly as possible.

If your brakes are beyond repair, we can perform brake replacement services. Call or text 716-648-2200 now to make an appointment.

3 signs you have faulty brakes

3 signs you have faulty brakes

Faulty brakes are extremely dangerous. If yours are worn down, you need to get help ASAP. You may need brake repair services if you notice that…

  • Your car pulls to one side when braking
  • Your brake pedal vibrates
  • Your steering wheel shakes when you brake

We can fix your brake lines, calipers, parking brake and any other part of your braking system. Plus, we offer a warranty on our brake services.

If you need brake replacement or repair services, contact us right away.